Ausencia de IVA en Alemania

A partir del 1 de enero de 2019, con la entrada en vigor de la nueva ley alemana sobre el IVA (“Sec. 22f uStG”), Amazon – y todos los demás mercados como eBay – requieren a sus vendedores (los Sellers) obtener un certificado de impuestos para poder seguir vendiendo en

Un mensaje de ejemplo en inglés enviado por Amazon acerca de:

Dear Selling Partner,
Your account has been blocked from selling on marketplace, using FBA services in Germany (including Pan-EU and CEE FBA programs) and from shipping orders to German based customers because your German Tax Certificate was not uploaded and verified by the deadline.

Under German VAT legislation, online marketplaces must collect German Tax Certificate from selling partners who are required to be tax registered in Germany. Uploading German tax certificate (F22) or acknowledging this declaration will reinstate your selling ability. Once you upload your Tax Certificate, we will review it and will revert to you in case additional information is required. This process may take up to 5 working days.

If you are required to be German tax registered, upload your German tax certificate.
If you are not required to be German tax registered, you must acknowledge this declaration that you are not generating taxable sales in Germany.

You are allowed a 30-day period to remove your inventory from DE fulfilment centers, after which, any remaining inventory will be disposed of at your cost without further notice.

To learn more about the legislation, see sample images of the correct documents required, and review other FAQ, visit Comply with your new German tax obligations.


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